Here we go again…

I had not even started my workout today and already I felt exhausted driving to the warehouse. I think it was because I only had two boiled eggs for dinner as the rest of the family ate over at Michigan Shore Club and I couldn’t be asked of making anything else but I was for sure paying for it today although I had a solid breakfast.

Jonathan was back from his trip in Arizona and with a tan and all energized up with Vitamin D he took our workout to and stepped it up and it felt and it for sure looks like I’ve been stuck in a mine for the past six months. However chattered I felt I had to tuck it to the back of my head and using pure willpower to get through the hour.


As always Mondays are total body but we put a lot on focus on legs but especially the arms working not too heavy weights but I would not call them lightweight either.


We mixed the weights with cardio intervals between the circuits two minutes on the bike, elliptical and the rowing machine and we gave it all those six minutes before we went back lifting the weights. We never really had a rest as we consistently moving and when we were finished the arms was shivering.


This was a great start to the week lets just hope we will be able to make it in on Wednesday and that this snowstorm that is expected won’t be that bad after all.

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