Finding the time…

Moving across the Atlantic from Sweden to Chicago has really been an adventure and I remember very well the first time I walked into the grocery store to buy groceries, it took forever. I was like a blank sheet of paper not recognizing the brands of toothpaste, detergent or what milk to pick, I was totally clueless. This was four and a half years ago and since then both kids have started school, we bought a house made a lot of great new friends, settled in very well and we simply love it here.


Having a very hectic schedule I have started to get ready for bed at the same time as the kids because I am exhausted at the end of the day. When life is going on routine and not necessarily challenge you everyday in life like it maybe once did, I do think that it is easy to forget other important things in life.

Then maybe it is time to stop for a minute and start finding the time together. So yesterday Freddie and me went to this very cozy but yet lively and crowded restaurant named Abigail’s in Highland Park and it was just perfect. Great food, great atmosphere but best of all… my company 😉


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