Positives vs. Negatives when loosing weight

I really feel great two months into my Challenge 2013 and I can really see and feel  the differences in my body. So even though Freddie might think it stinks that I have to go and get new bras because the ones I have is too big, I don’t mind. What I do mind is that my wedding band (that is made up of three rings) is too big and I have now lost one of them!!!


I’ve looked every where, the vacuum, drawers, under the furnitures, even the kids but no luck…maybe I can ask for a new one? Freddie would not mind, right?!…hmmm

Like I said, this is the only negative I can come up with when it comes to loosing weight       😉


3 thoughts on “Positives vs. Negatives when loosing weight

  1. Same thing is happening to me! I have 3 wedding rings and neither of them fit any more. I can’t even wear it most of the time because I’m terrified I would lose them.

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