When you think you have given it all…

Today was the 6th day of working out and when getting out of bed my body was screaming to me not to torture it anymore but my head knew better so I texted L to see of she was going for a run and maybe I would have some company.


 When I walked onto to floor MsT and L was already going on the treadmill. I told L I was taking it easy and started a warm up on 6.5 to increase it to 7.0. When I run I have a lot thoughts that goes around in my head and I began thinking about my neighbor when she had her famous “recovery day”. Was this all I could do on mine? So excuse my French but that was when I thought F#*K this and I started to crank up my speed.

When I passed the four mile mark I thought I can do this and kept on running and the closer I got to six miles the more I wanted to make it under 50 minutes. The last five minutes I ran at 8.0 to finish my last minute and on 9.3 and completed the run at exactly 49 minutes. It really feels like an accomplishment when you conquer your negative thoughts and push yourself passed what you thought would be possible!

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