Oh boy, did I have fun working arms today!

I had rescheduled my Friday appointment till today because Jonathan is out of town tomorrow but as I was rushing into Mira’s classroom this morning I get a text from Jonathan saying that he needs to cancel. I was bummed because I really was looking forward working my arms after yesterday’s killer leg workout but he was kind enough and sends me the routine he had in mind for me.

 I figured I had to get over to Life Time Fitness and was planing to do so after lunch when it’s normally fewer people. At the same time MsT calls and tells me that she has finally made her mind up on which gym to join (and it is mine, yay) so we decide to meet up at noon. She was dying to get back to “work” as she missed out yesterday.


When we meet MsT was ebullient and ready to go even though she was still feeling a little bit rundown. We started 15 minutes on the Stairmaster, a nice warm-up and Jeez my backside was not to pleased with me!!


All the circuits Jonathan put togehter was built up with two excises, this was because if you would have to use more machines than one it would be too much waiting around. This was perfect since me and MsT was taking turns doing our three sets on every circuit.


I know I mentioned this before that I don’t always know what weights I lifting especially on the machines and barbells, yes I know I’m spoiled ;). I asked Jonathan and he gave me a ballpark estimate where to start but he also told me to make sure I was pushing it…and I did!


It was a blast working out like this as non of us was allowing ourselves of doing any less than the other and we kept on cheering on each other to push that little bit extra. When we finished our four circuits we had worked heavy weights for exactly 50 minutes.


This really shows Jonathan’s experience with brilliant routines that was working what needed to be worked on. The last thing we were told to do was 10 minutes on the rowing machine to completely exhaust the arms and then the hour was completed…

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