Simply arms!

Last night Jonathan sent me a message saying that we were working upper body and doing wide grip pull-ups and that I should come prepared! Being exhausted from my run earlier that day I went to bed early and had a very good night sleep.

So I woke up to a wintry Chicago this morning and I had to get out on slippery roads finding a Starbucks, as we had no coffee at home. This was much appreciated by Freddie as neither of us function without our coffee. I should not complain even though I am done with the winter and only have had to shovel a few times this winter. Still it took me a good 45 minutes to clear the driveway and at the end of it my arms was feeling it and I had “this” arm day waiting for me over at the warehouse.

It was just Mrs. T and I today and I know that one of the other girls have a shoulder issue, so arm days is a no go for her. And for the rest if them, I don’t know where they were hanging but they were missed for sure.

chestfly1 AM    chestfly2

We focused on slow muscular contractions today but the thing is that the other day when I was practicing hockey with Knut I did something to my lateral area and it really hurt when I was doing certain movements. I was a bit bummed as I couldn’t do the pull-up because I have set a goal that I will “enjoy” them by the end of the spring! But I was not crying over spilled milk and I found other movements to do instead

shoulderpress sit

1pulls   sittandefly

After class Jonathan thought it be a good idea for me to finish with 10 minutes on the rowing machine before I had to leave. I think it really made the trick because coming to the end of this session my arms was pumped.


Tomorrow morning Knut is playing for GOLD in the playoffs, in the Wolves Cup and being a hockey mom I am now, NOT to be messed with :)….GO WILMETTE BRAVES!!!

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