Today I battled a war!

lopningI decided that I would do a 6-mile run today for my cardio session but the thing was that my legs were not exactly fresh this morning! It really felt like the treadmill was going faster than usual and I had to fight every minute and every stride that I took. I fought my way through the 6-miles focusing a minute at the time and finished under 48 minutes!!! I’m telling you if I can run that fast I think that probably anyone can because I only pretend I can run 🙂

2013-02-21 10.19.30

It is exactly a month ago since I measured my body fat and if you remember I did electronically and the machine said I had 35% body fat, which basically means I was obese but when he did it manually it was 21.8%. So today I had an appointment to check my body fat again and I landed on 31% which still means I am pretty overweight and I know I’m not. Unfortunately we could not do it manually as they lost the tool over at the gym but when he typed in the info from the VO2max test, strength, and flexibility into the computer my metabolic age is 19.6 years old…not bad for an almost 35-year-old, right!


2 thoughts on “Today I battled a war!

  1. Not bad for an old obese teenager that can run a like a gazelle. Just playing. Very nice run. If you are like me, my times actually get better when I run outside but, that might just be me…I get lost in my own little world when I run outside.

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