Whaaaat…I’m up in weight!!!

I have not eaten anything different this past week except when we went out for our Valentines dinner but I am up in weight half a pound. It’s not an awful lot but it still bothers me even though I know why I feel bloated and craving ever piece of chocolate I see 😉

 Weight: 56.6 kg 124.8 lbs.

Thigh: 53.5 cm 21.06”

Hips:93.5 cm 36.8”

Waist: 68 cm 26.7”

Belly:77 cm 30.3”

Upper Arm: 26cm 10.2”


6 thoughts on “Whaaaat…I’m up in weight!!!

  1. You know probably better than most people on here that your half pound is probably water. You girls and your homones at different times of the month…I am sure it’s nothing you did even on V-Day. Now if you start craving for other wacky things like pickles and ice cream…it might be more than just water.

  2. Your weight will fluctuate daily up to 3 lbs – I wouldn’t worry about half a pound. I personally threw out my scale for a while. Go with what you see, how you feel etc.

    Keep smiling!

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