Jonathan is a man of his words!

I mentioned that we moved our leg day from Friday to Wednesday for this week and that Jonathan warned us that it was not going to be a walk in the park and that was so true.

 We started out with our usual core routine with leg raises and crunches before we moved on with some more core based exercise but they did not feel like so “routine” like after Mondays upper body workout.

pre core

As soon as we had that covered we started with the legs and yes Jonathan kept his word. He split the group up into two and had two of us working leg presses and leg extensions twice through and the other group was doing hamstring curls and Romanian deadlifts before we put them together and was super setting the four movements. And I am telling you I hate leg extensions, they are so painful and annoying and again I know that is what I need to work on…lol!





Jonathan gave us a minute or so to recover before we started doing walking launches with heavy weight cross the gym to be followed by core exercises on the TRX.


When I was walking back towards the mirrors my legs felt like Jell-O but I did not for a second think we were done. We finished off the day by doing body weighted drills…standing launches, jumping launches, squat jumps, mountain climbers and speed skaters. Jonathan is for sure a man of his words and if you are up to be challenged I know he has a few openings

Now I am going to take my very tired legs and go outside and skate with the kids before the sun goes down!


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