Five common workout and fitness mistakes

This is so true!

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  1. Staying in your comfort zone (that means using the same routine and the same weights to do the same exercises all the time).

  2. Using too little weight, this is especially true for women. We know, we know, you don’t want to look like a man but three sets of 12 repetitions with five pound dumbbells won’t get you very far…
  3. Bad form. Form is everything! Being just half an inch out of form can result in lack of results plus the chance of seriously injuring yourself.
  4. Not eating right. Your body needs fuel…and the right type of fuel to recover and build muscle. Diet and exercise go hand in hand.
  5. Not resting enough. Hitting the gym every day, working hard, and not getting anywhere? Your body needs to have a whole day of rest for it to recover and build. If you don’t give it the…

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2 thoughts on “Five common workout and fitness mistakes

  1. You are dead on here about the weights. Today I was forced to use a lot heavier weights than I normally use and found out that I probably have been using too light of weight. I was swinging a 70 pound (32 kg) kettlebell…I was shocked.

    • It’s an awesome feeling when you surprise yourself…I’m on a running streak at the moment, I just keep on running faster almost every time and it’s great!

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