Jonathan is back with a vengeance!!

Today it’s Miras 6th birthday and also the President’s Day but that doesn’t stop the gals and I to do our workout and on top of it, John is back in town.

jonathan kids

John really must have missed us this past week because while the kids were playing he literally was beating the living crap out of us.

There was no time for chitchat, it was straight to business! We started with a nice warm up working the legs and arms and also the core when we were at it. We did four exercises three times through before we moved on to another three exercises working them the same way.


pushup pressmountain climb

bend and curl

 When we were done Jonathan through in a little surprise for us and we were combining all the exercises in one big lovely super set, I think that is a nice way to surprise the body. We are so used to working the same way so I think it came as a little shock to our muscles doing that additional super set and having to push that little bit extra.

Finally when we were done we moved on to the cables. It’s been a while since we properly worked with the cables as we have been focusing a lot on free weights and the TRX. Not that I haven’t been sore doing from the free weights but I believe it comes to a point when you need to switch it up and work the muscles in a new way (almost like from the boxing the other day).


I have a love hate relationship to some the things we do and pull up is one of them. I get annoyed at myself when I don’t manage to finish as many as I would like but then again I guess every time you hit failure you are getting better.


This was really a kick ass workout and I can’t wait for Wednesday, I’ve been told we are hitting legs and we are going to work them haaaard!!!


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