The only one you can completely rely on, its yourself!

John is gone this week and he has organized a substitute trainer for us (that was the class I missed on Monday). Anyhow this morning I got an email from the sub saying that something had come up and he had to cancel the class. Unfortunately (or not) I did not see the email until I was already out of the door on my way to the warehouse. When I got in Tanya was already warming up on the treadmill and the gym was pretty empty. I told her that the sub was not going to show so we decided to carry on with it just the two of us and Khoshal, the owner of Lifestyle Fitness said we were good to go even though we did not have a trainer.

Tanya said she was pretty sore after Monday’s workout (apparently it was brutal and I can’t wait to see for myself on Friday) so she wanted to work the legs and we started off with four exercises with the kettlebell.


After we finished we thought we give the legs a little bit of a rest and started working the core. Poor Tanya was in so much pain that she eventually gave in and focused just on the legs. I said alright and carried on doing my thing. Khoshal on the hand goes “Monday? That was two days ago, you should tell her to keep on working” Haha…Yes, I should have had because she is very much like me, very competitive! At the same time if Tanya has set her mind to something nothing can convince her to do otherwise…Let’s call her stubborn! (She will give me shit for this one 😉 )


As soon as I was done I joined her doing legs again and now it was just the two of us working out in the gym. To perfectly honest I don’t mind working out in a crowded gym but this was something else. It was so nice and quite just the two of us pushing each other and going heavier and heavier on the weights. The final set I cranked the weight up again on the leg press and Tanya goes “Ohhh thank you, now I have to do one more just so I can finish on the same weight as you” as she was one in front of me and after that we walked out just completed an awesome workout …but now you know what I mean…competitive, stubborn and a great gal!

leg press

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