So how did it go…

…Well, not so good after all but tomorrow I will laugh about this crappy day.

So my new plan for the day was to go to the gym between Mira’s play date and when I had to be at school to pick Knut up, that would be just perfect. As I am starting the treadmill for a nice fast run Freddie calls me and wants me to go out to Lake Zurich to pick him up which is just typical now when I finally made it into the gym for the workout that I had been longing for. I looked at the clock and realized I didn’t have enough time before I had to be at Knut’s school so I kept on running. But something happened, my legs had turned into stones and in my head I was cursing my poor judgment from Saturday night. After 20 very long and agonizing minutes I moved into doing some weights thinking that maybe the arms were not too affected. I was wrong but I pushed through it because I was not letting my body beat me! With screaming arms I left the gym and all the way up to Lake Zurich I felt absolutely exhausted, like all energy had left my body…

2013-02-11 20.17.12

Now I am going to recharge my batteries while my great hair colorist, Ella is coloring my hair and tomorrow I will start a new fresh day with a great new look 😉


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