A fun night and a slow Sunday


Wow, did we have a great time last night, Anna and Oskar had really gone out of their way. We started the evening in an Italian spirit even though non of us was even close having a little bit of Italian in us. We had Prosecco and antipasto while the kids was being fed with their favorite hot dogs and as soon they were done we moved into the dining room and had an amazing dinner in a low carb fashion. Before we knew it the clock had turned 2 am and a great evening had come to an end and I will admit today has been a very slow day, the highlight today was that Knut’s team had their first round of playoff and they won the game!!


Now I’m sitting and watching the Grammys and Rihanna, she is just drop dead gorgeous and she has fabulous abs, now I am inspired!

Let’s work hard this week 😉


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