Staying in the fast lane

So the day has come, we are invited over to spend the evening with our fabulous friends in Evanston and the rest of our Swedish crew that lives on the north shore. We got the invitation about a month ago and yesterday the beautiful Anna sends me a message giving me the menu for the evening and it is right up my alley. Once again my friends goes out of their way to support me and my ideas, I guess they know me so well by now and also that I am crazy enough to bring my own food.


This also means that I am drinking my first glass of wine this evening in over five weeks and the thing to remember is that wine has a different effect on you when you are low-carb. One glass of wine can have the same effect on you as if you have had an entire bottle by yourself and that is not always a pretty sight. So with that in mind I am putting on my fancy pants and my high heels and I am going to stand awfully close to that bottle of water.


Just because it’s a party tonight doesn’t mean that I’m not staying in the fast lane, the trick is not to be pulled over!


Have a great Saturday night because I will!

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