A record breaking week!

This morning Mira woke me up by calling for me and as I turn around in bed I could feel yesterdays workout. Moving one limb at the time I was assessing how bad it was and realize it was pretty bad but not as bad that I couldn’t make it over to Life Time Fitness for a run.

Over at the gym it was a free trial weekend and there was cars parked everywhere and I had difficulties finding a treadmill that was not occupied. With Thursday fresh in my mind of my next-door neighbor running like there was no tomorrow I could not do any less than my record time of 5k in 25 minutes. So I started my run by doing intervals and five minutes into it I felt I really had to go to the loo. I’m not sure what distracted me more from the boredom of running on a treadmill, was it the need of a wee or that every leap I took my legs were hurting. Anyhow I kept on running because I had a goal to achieve and I kept on increasing the speed of the intervals. When I passed the five mile mark I realized I could make 6 miles under 50 minutes and I cranked up again and finished 6 miles under 49 minutes a new record!


On stumbling legs I’m now going to watch my hero play his Saturday soccer game…Go Wilmette Wings!

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