Booty Camp and shaky legs

I had set my alarm at 6.30 but I still woke up at 6am and the first thing on my mind was to go downstairs and make my oatmeal (if I going to be honest I’ve skipped the porridge for the past week). As soon as I sent the kids off to school I went back inside to carry on with my breakfast and I realized I was coming closer and closer to the killer workout that John promised us and I was getting nervous.


Well at the warehouse I put my headphones on and started the warm up and really trying to zoom in on the hour I had in front of me. We started off by pre-exhausting the legs with heavy weight by doing leg presses, leg extensions, hamstring curls and Romanian deadlifts. Doing my final deadlift I was loosing my grip and I tried to yank back the barbell into my hands. It did not go so well, it landed in my lap and I fell straight on my ass and I was stuck…sorry no pics on that one, lol.



At this point it felt my legs had fallen off and John says “Sorry ladies, but you will have to stay over the hour because I want you to remember me when I am gone next week, he is going snowboarding the lucky thing. And with that we cranked out jumping launches and squat jumps…Happy Friday to you too 🙂


1 thought on “Booty Camp and shaky legs

  1. LOL! Think I’ll become a bootcamp instructor one day. I’d punch anyone that changed the rules on me but I’d love to do it to others… (hmm… guess that makes me a lil cruel.) Good for you 6:30 am bootcamp on a Friday – go hard!

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