Fast Food or not…Chipotle inspired beef salad

This afternoon I took Knut to the hairdresser that is located next to Chipotle Mexican Grill and of course Knut suggest that we should eat his favorite fast food. And as the very boring mother I am I said no and I could hear a heavy sigh from the back seat. I still had two pieces of top sirloin steak in the fridge that needed to be cooked so I decided to do my own fast food. Well…it was not so fast, they are considerably faster at Chipotle but it wasn’t to bad either.

2013-02-04 21.48.13

500 gram/ 1lbs. Top sirloin steak (or other beef 🙂 )


1/8 teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon Cumin powder

2 tablespoon Oregano

1 chopped Garlic Clove

2-3 tablespoon of Canola Oil

Red Chili Flakes


¼ cup Red wine Vinegar

½ tablespoon Dijon mustard

½ Lime juice

½ tablespoon Paprika powder

½ tablespoon Oregano

1 teaspoon Garlic powder

2 tablespoon Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

Red Chili Flakes

Tomato Salsa

1 tomato

1 tablespoon chopped Red Onion

Chopped Cilantro

Garlic powder

Salt and Pepper


1 avocado

½ chopped tomato

2 tablespoon chopped red onion

½ Lime juice


Salt and Pepper

Red Chili Flakes


Red Bell Pepper

Red onion


How to: Start by mixing all the ingredients to the marinade and marinate the meat for as long as you have time…the longer the better.

Then you mix everything together in a mixer except the Olive oil that you add towards the end together with salt and pepper. (I added my chili afterwards as I was making it “child friendly”).

Mash the avocado and mix in all the other ingredients. I always make sure I have a lot of lime juice because this prevents the avocado to become brown. Then you mix together the tomato salsa.

When you have everything ready go ahead and fry the meat quickly in a frying pan, I used a different pan for the bell pepper and the onion.

I served this with a layer of spinach topped with the fried bell peppers , red onion, meat, salsa and guacamole then I sprinkled the vinaigrette.

Knut also had some shredded cheese, sour cream and nacho chips and he was as happy as could be!


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