New Year Resolution?!

Today it is the first day of February and it is Friday!!!I bet it is a lot of people who has done great with whatever New Year resolution they committed themselves to. I also think it is around this time when it is easy to think to yourself “I’ve been eating healthy, I’ve not been drinking too much, I’ve been exercising and so on, so I will cut myself some slack and I will eat that candy bar that will soon turn into two.”  I know this because I’m talking about myself, but I will not do fall into that trap this year and I will stay committed to my goal. That being said, off course I will have a glass of wine and the cheese I’ve been longing for, but not just yet. I’ve read somewhere it takes 21 days to create a habit and I want to be on the safe side before I make any changes to it. That way it will be easy to pick up where I left off when I decided to treat myself to my goodies, also it will be easier to say “No thank you” to that glass of wine or that chocolate cake that stands in front of me…

no wine   chocolate cake


4 thoughts on “New Year Resolution?!

  1. I’ve slightly fallen. I’ve had rice and hummus and a piece of candy earlier today. But good point about 21 days to shake a habit. I should have waited a little longer.

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