Oh boy, did I have fun working arms today!

I had rescheduled my Friday appointment till today because Jonathan is out of town tomorrow but as I was rushing into Mira’s classroom this morning I get a text from Jonathan saying that he needs to cancel. I was bummed because I really was looking forward working my arms after yesterday’s killer leg workout but he was kind enough and sends me the routine he had in mind for me.

 I figured I had to get over to Life Time Fitness and was planing to do so after lunch when it’s normally fewer people. At the same time MsT calls and tells me that she has finally made her mind up on which gym to join (and it is mine, yay) so we decide to meet up at noon. She was dying to get back to “work” as she missed out yesterday.


When we meet MsT was ebullient and ready to go even though she was still feeling a little bit rundown. We started 15 minutes on the Stairmaster, a nice warm-up and Jeez my backside was not to pleased with me!!


All the circuits Jonathan put togehter was built up with two excises, this was because if you would have to use more machines than one it would be too much waiting around. This was perfect since me and MsT was taking turns doing our three sets on every circuit.


I know I mentioned this before that I don’t always know what weights I lifting especially on the machines and barbells, yes I know I’m spoiled ;). I asked Jonathan and he gave me a ballpark estimate where to start but he also told me to make sure I was pushing it…and I did!


It was a blast working out like this as non of us was allowing ourselves of doing any less than the other and we kept on cheering on each other to push that little bit extra. When we finished our four circuits we had worked heavy weights for exactly 50 minutes.


This really shows Jonathan’s experience with brilliant routines that was working what needed to be worked on. The last thing we were told to do was 10 minutes on the rowing machine to completely exhaust the arms and then the hour was completed…

Your very life is your thinking – and the result of your thinking processes. Your flesh, bones, and muscles can be reduced to 70 percent water and a few chemicals of small value, but it is your mind and what you think that makes you what you are. The secret of success lies not outside, but within the thoughts of man.
Figuratively, thought makes giants out of pigmies, and often turns giants into pigmies. History is filled with accounts of how thought made weak men strong and strong men weak, and you see evidence of its working around you constantly.
You do not eat, wear clothes, run for a bus, drive your car, turn on the television, or read a newspaper – you don’t even raise your arm – without a preceding thought-impulse. While you may consider the motions you make as more or less automatic, perhaps caused by some…

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Did I miss my weigh in day?

No, I was back on the scale yesterday and I am down the to the same weight I was before are gained last week, 56.3kg or 124.2 lbs.


 I have decided not to update my weight and measurement every week for now on, as I don’t think I’ll loose any more significant weight. Instead I will update my monthly body composition and I had my body fat measured this past Tuesday.


In January it was at 21.8% and in February 20.1%. I think this will reflect my fitness progress more accurate than what the scale says and when I attempting to use the tape measurement sizing my bottom 😉

I’m not horsing around this is “real” Beef Tacos with Nutchos

I am a huge fan of nachos but living a low carb diet life nachos tops the list of things that you should not eat. So the other day I stumbled over a recipe of nut-crackers and I thought I should be able to use that idea to convert it into nachos. So this evening I got to work,  I also chose not to use any pre-packed taco spices and salsa that are filled with sugar, starch and other unidentified unpronounceable ingredients  …here we go!


1 lbs. or 500 grams Ground Beef

Chopped Garlic Cloves

1 teaspoon grounded Cumin

1 tablespoon Oregano

1 tablespoon Paprika powder

½ teaspoon Black pepper

½ teaspoon Cayenne pepper


1 teaspoon White wine Vinegar



Red Onion


Marinated Olives and mushrooms (deli)


1 cup of your choice of mixed unsalted nuts

2 eggs


Red Chili flakes

 2013-02-27 16.46.36


2 Avocados

2 small chopped Tomatoes

3 tablespoon chopped Red Onion

½ Limejuice


Salt and Pepper

Red Chili Flakes


2 tomatoes

1 garlic clove

½ Limejuice



Red Chili Flakes


How to: Start with chopping the nuts in a mixer and mix in the eggs and season with Salt and the red Chili Pepper. “Dott” the mixture on parchment paper to small round looking sized chips and place them in the oven for around 10-15 minutes at 150 C/300F or until they are crisp and hard.

Fry the meat and the garlic and season with the spices. I always add water and let the minced beef simmer until the water has evaporated.

Mash the avocado and mix in all the other ingredients for the guacamole. I always make sure I have a lot of lime juice because this prevents the avocado to become brown.

Once again I got use for the mixer when making the salsa just place all the ingredients and run it for a couple of minutes


2013-02-27 18.46.55

Spring break is just around the corner and who wants a saggy ass then???

Today it was only half the group as T and L was sick. I really felt sorry for them, not only for being sick but also for missing out on a fierce workout! It was no core warm-up today; we went straight on hitting the legs hard doing squats with a weighted barbell by pyramiding the weights starting at 65 lbs. working up to 105 lbs. I am not a big fan of squats because I just don’t have the technique. One of the reason why is because that my calves are overdeveloped from my years of being a gymnast and standing on my toes.

2013-02-27 10.19.23 2013-02-27 10.24.22

When we were done with the quads we started working the hamstrings doing Romanian deadlifts and curls and it was now when the “real butt workout” really started! So Jonathan’s idea was to exhaust the hammies so when we started doing our 40 walking launches with 2x15lbs kettle bells then 30 WL 2×35 lbs. followed 20 WL 2×30 lbs. to finish without weights for the entire length of the gym, a roughly guess would be 60-70 WL we were really focusing on that ass of ours!

2013-02-27 10.36.24walking

Walking back to get my water bottle I was joking that I was not having any blood left in my head because it was all in my legs and I was walking like a 80 year-old…lol. After a short rest not thinking I could crank anything more out of the legs we worked the leg extensions and the leg press.

2013-02-27 11.05.12 2013-02-27 11.04.45

The last and final two exercise we did we put the focus back on the glut again and all of a sudden it felt like I was back in the that old stinking gymnastic hall kicking my leg up behind my head but now not so high and with a weight attached to my leg.

2013-02-27 10.59.59

I am actually not going anywhere on spring break but I will be thinking of all of you who are. Meanwhile I keep on focusing on that behind of mine because although the summer feels like it is far away, it will be here before we know it and I will then be squeezing it into bikini for sure!




Bacon wrapped Chicken with Sundried Tomatoes.

Wow…here I was hoping the winter was coming to an end. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, the snow was dripping away and I almost got the “spring it’s on its way” feeling. It did not last long though because today wet and heavy snow was pounding outside our window and the last thing I wanted to do was to go outside. This is when, the only thing you want to do is to lit up candles and bury yourself in comfort food to make you feel better but it doesn’t have to mean Chicken Wings or Pizza, it can still be healthy and clean…

2013-02-26 19.40.38

2 Chicken Breasts

4 slices of Bacon

¼ cup Sundried Tomatoes in Olive Oil

½ tablespoon Basil

1 Chopped Garlic


Roasted Vegetables

Use what ever you have available…

Brussels Sprouts

Red Onion



Red Bell Pepper


Chopped Red Chili

1 Chopped Garlic Clove

Olive Oil

Champagne Lemon Vinegar

Salt and Pepper

How to: Mix together the sundried tomatoes, basil and garlic. Cut the chicken breast in half and make a cut in the middle and stuff the tomato mix in the chicken. Wrap the bacon around the chicken and make sure the “ends” of the bacon are tucked in under the chicken on a ovenproof dish. Place the chicken in the oven 200 C./400 F. for about 20 minutes.

2013-02-26 19.38.49

Blend the chili, garlic, olive oil, Vinegar and salt and pepper and mix it with the vegetables and place the tray in the oven together with the Chicken.2013-02-26 19.42.56

You are only as good as your last game!

I mentioned last week that I was on a roll with my running and that I had my fastest run ever, 10K under 48 minutes and it felt goooood. The thing is that we always tell the kids, especially Knut as he is doing travel hockey and soccer that we are very proud of them and we think that they are awesome and we let them thrive on the moment. But as soon as the moment is over we also tell them “you are only as good as you last game”. I can pat my own back a million times but that will take me nowhere, it is time to get over myself so I’ve set a new goal!

 I am going to run 10K under 45 minutes! Yes, I know it is 3 minutes faster and I know it will not happened this week but I am aiming for end of April. In fact I went for a run this morning. My plan was to run 6 miles but after 3 I knew I wasn’t able to keep the same tempo for another 3 as I am still very tired from yesterdays crazy workout. But I don’t give up that easy so instead of keep on running I started doing sprints at 9.5 m/h for a full minute (I was running for about 1.20 minutes in total) and then I walked for 30 sec for another two miles.


I’m not completely satisfied with todays work even though I worked my ass off. I guess I can for sure stop patting my back now as I was not even close to personal best but I will look forward and focus on my new goal!