My arms are falling off!

Today we worked upper body and I think everyone was in the same mood as the weather outside as the rain has been poring down for the last couple of days, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t worked hard.

We started out with some basic abs/shoulder work; Leg raises, crunching with the legs up into the air, plank to push up and push up everything done for 30 second with no rest 3 times through.

Then we moved into the serious stuff…

walking out

You start by stretching your backside and then you walkout your arms out in front of you and hold that position before walking your feet back into the stretch again. We did this for about 5-7 reps and finished in a 30 second plank before turning around and did the same thing back.

Then we did a 6 exercise circuit were we mixed arms and cardio and let me tell you, I love when John mixes in the cardio when we are working with weights. We stayed at each station for 30 seconds and then we have 15 seconds to move to the next one before it started. After every finished circuit John gave us a minute break. (We also did ropes with both arms, it’s a killer)

arms circuit1

kastabollivägg barbell overhead

To bring the heart rate down and give the screaming arms a rest we went back on our mats to work on our abs again, we kept on working for time instead of reps.

v+crunch  double crrunch


plank with arm


As John was having us do “Bear walks” and “Crab walks” Amy shouted out…We are not teenagers, we should not be doing this!!” But even though they don’t look that hard they are very deceiving, ask anyone of the gals!



After this craziness we went back on arms/cardio with the same setup of 30 seconds on and 15 second off…

boxing circuit armblur

To be perfectly honest…if I can do anything by tomorrow I’ll be surprised. I think I’ll have to go for the stairmaster because I have nothing left in my arms and it’s only 2pm!!


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