Angry Monday or a cranky coach

This morning Freddie got back to his usual schedule, which means that he travels a lot. So while he was ironing his shirts to get ready to leave town, I got a lift with Tania to go to the warehouse. We were 20 minutes early and we are chatting away about our weekend while we doing our warm up. When John comes from wherever he was hiding you just know it is going to be “one of those days”.

Monday is always a total body day and today was no different. We started out working our core with leg raises, flutter kicks, bicycle crunches and a 1 minute plank and to be honest I have not worked my core crazy hard for awhile, so I needed it for sure!

Then we moved on to the legs and mixed it in with some cardio. John timed us for a 30-second jumping squat, 30-second mountain climber, 30-second jumping lounges and then we finished it with 30-second push-ups…of course. By the end of the three sets I was dripping, as much as I like the days when we focus on the big movements using the machines I really appreciate when we mix in the cardio into the legs. I am often more sore from the movements that I can use in your daily life then when I’ve been pushing heavy weight. Not that I’m doing jumping lounges when I am at the grocery store even if it would be funny though, right!

jumping squats1   jumping squats2

climbers jumping lounges

Then we got right back working the core again and this time we brought out a medicine ball and did weighted leg raises, Russian twists, Spiderman climbers and to finish it off with a plank to push up. I don’t think I was the only one, my entire middle section together with my shoulders was screaming to knock it off, but like I said John was in “that mood” and did not really think we were working hard enough.

mountain to push up

I don’t know if it was me because I was really looking forwards coming to todays workout but my body did not respond the way I would have liked. The next circuit we did felt super hard with 1-minute speed skaters, jumping into a sumo squats and high knees but this was not the end. For the final 10 minutes we focused a very last time on the core. The workout was real hard but I was not completely happy with my performance and even if coach was grumpy I think I just had a crappy Monday!

over left sumo


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