Wilmette Braves is awesome!!!

Last night we all went to bed real early because we were supposed to have a game at 6am on an ice-rink half an hour away from the hotel. At 9pm the other team handed in a forfeit so we ended up not having to get up at 4am. Trying to be ambitious I thought I get up early to get a workout in, but it just didn’t happen (I am a bit bummed). I was so tired; I think spending a few days at a water park with a hockey team really takes it toll. We checked out and the rest of the day we spent at different ice-rinks and it turns out the lads did really well and we won silver. Wohoo Go Braves!

We didn’t leave Wisconsin Dells till around 4-ish and the weather was just god-awful and it took forever to drive back. Around 6.30 we realized it would be way to late to make dinner once we got home, so we stopped over at Rockford and ended up in a restaurant called Thunder Bay Grill. I ordered in a plane stake with broccoli and guacamole, a lot of protein and right up my alley.  Tomorrow is a new week and I am charged up to make it a good one!


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