You can only do your best but you can always aim higher!

So last night I’m lying in bed in front of the fire and watching TV before I’m going to bed and I get a text message from John saying he needs to cancel our 10 am class. I start panicking because how am I supposed not do my weight training and on top of it, I am spending the weekend at the in Wisconsin Dells! So I quickly texted him to tell him I need in! I also told him I need to have my ass kicked, he fits me at 6.45 and calls me a junkie, whaaat!

And I guess I am because I really enjoyed the beating he gave us today and I really thought it was fun working out with Heidi and Mei!

I started the day with 15 minutes pre-warm up on the treadmill as usual and after that we moved into our leg day. We didn’t do to many circuits but they were long and they were hard.  We started with our “real” warm up to pre exhaust the legs with 15-20 hamstring curls and 15-20 reps working the quads (another thing I hate doing).

leghate-6 Hamstringcurls-7

When that was done we picked up two kettle bells a 20 lbs. and did 10 single leg Romanian deadlifts followed by 10 standing lunges and then 15 squats and when you think you may have a break John threw us on the rowing machine for 2 minutes to get that hearts of ours pumping. As we always do, we did this for three executive sets with a swing of water in between…



As soon as we were done we got about minutes rest before we moved into the next exercise and like I said, today was all about legs…We started our next circuit with 30 walking lunges. We had to pause at every step and hold for a split of second and when we came up from the lunge we had to squeeze our glutes as hard as we could. The squeezing sound very silly but after doing it for 30 times you feels like you are going to end up with a behind like Kim Kardashian because you are pumped. I then jumped on the bike for two minutes, again going as fast as I could and Heidi was doing step up on a bench and then we switched.

squeeze-2 walking launge-1


With my legs trembling I had to shoot out of the warehouse real fast because the traffic and the weather was horrendous. Before I left John asked me how he did with the “ass kicking” and I replied…”All we can do is our best but that does not mean you can do better ;)” and that goes for me as well…

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