Damage Control!

We are going to a hockey tournament in Wisconsin Dells, which will be absolutely awesome! For anyone who is not familiar with Wisconsin Dells I tell you that they claim they are the “Waterpark Capital of the World” and for those that do not yet know me, I have issues with to many people in not enough water!!! But I will do my very best and I have packed my swimsuit 🙂

Ever since I dropped the kids off at the bus stop this morning I’ve been preparing for the trip to the Dells. Now, you may think you only going to be gone for a couple of nights and surely you don’t need that much stuff with you. But let me tell you, I’ve been told that the food is good up there but it’s not really the food I’m looking for right now. So I have been making two omelets, measured my oats for my oatmeal, frying a pound of chicken and almost a pound of meat, roasted vegetables, made a cabbage salad and prepared a chicken snack that will last me the entire trip.

2013-01-25 14.10.39                  2013-01-25 14.08.14

I am ready, bring on the weekend!!


6 thoughts on “Damage Control!

  1. I would never call you crazy. You are just prepared. Good luck in the tournament and have fun. I have been wanting to go to Wisconsin Dells for a long time so, take pictures to share.

  2. This is the best thing to do when traveling. I always fall in the pits and end up eating garbage and not knowing nutritional content. I’m going to do the same next time I travel!

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