We all have our reasons…

I know people can look at me and think I am going over the top with my diet and my workout and yes, what I’m doing now is not even close to what I have ever done before. I guess I always have been very active except the years when we lived London when it was all about work, having fun and being young ;). It was when we moved to the USA that I really start to look after my body and my health; I was exercising more frequently and I got more conscious about what I ate.

So why do I do what I do?

The very same year as me and Freddie got married my father had his first minor heart failure and as the years went on we all told him he needed to exercise more eat healthier and so on. He had a very stressful job that did not help with his health so when he retired he actually started to do what everyone had been telling him for years. In the summer of 2010 we came home to Sweden for a visit, my dad was very happy and he was working on a project on their house. I went over to my parent’s house on Wednesday and me and my dad planned for us to have dinner that following Sunday. On Friday morning my mom calls me to say my father had died in a heart attack in his sleep.

That’s when I promised myself that I would look after myself and do my best trying to hang around for a little bit longer than what my dad did.

Afterwards we have found out that he most likely had a genetic heart condition that contributed to his bad health and probably eventually also to his death. It now turns out (I found out today) that I don’t carry the gene, nor do my children but that does not get me off the hook. I may like everyone else develop a cardiovascular disease and that makes me keep on doing what I do. Also the summer is coming up and as the vain person I am I would think I look better and feel better wearing a bikini in a toned body then in my fluffy old one.

2 thoughts on “We all have our reasons…

  1. All good reasons to keep this lifestyle. Your not really going “nuts” or too “hardcore”. Plenty of people do this level of fitness and don’t log it. It just comes natural to them.

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