Commitment and no excuses!

I will admit, I am a time optimist and I am also late to a lot of things. So coming into this day I knew yesterday I would have a lot on my plate today so I decided I would get in to Lifetime early to have my Cardio over and done with. I also love my bed in the morning, so when the alarm went off the desire to stay in bed was beyond tempting and maybe, just maybe I could get my workout in later on today.  Then the better sense of me took over and I dragged myself to the gym and I was there by 6.30.

When I get into the locker room still half a sleep and I meet this woman who is coming down from the workout floor and I tell her “Lucky! I wish I was you, already done”. She smiles at me and goes “I got woke up at 4.45 just so I could come before my I day gets busy”.

I look at those people who have the commitment no matter what. They truly inspire me because if it means they have to wake up 2 hours early to workout, they do it and there are no excuses!

Still sleepy I went upstairs I thought I would kick it off on the Stairmaster, taking it slow in the beginning. Yeah right, whom am I kidding, there is nothing easy with the Stairmaster after 20 minutes I was drenched in sweat. The last 30 minutes I spent on an Elliptical I never tried before and I don’t know if it was all the arm workout we put in this week but it was crazy hard and it really got my heart pumping. Now I have sent the kids to school and I am shooting out the door to start my busy day!


5 thoughts on “Commitment and no excuses!

  1. That is AWESOME that you are super committed!!! I to am trying my best to get my butt in the gym about 5-6 days a week so that I can look and feel better. I am trying to tone up mainly but I just love the natural high I get from leaving the gym anyway. Kudos to you! great blog! new follower here.

    • Thank you!
      5-6 times is a week is a great effort! Their’s no better feeling than the one when you have worked your ass off and you are down, right?!
      Keep up the good work and let me know how it goes.

  2. I have talked about this in a few of my posts. It always seems the only way I can have time is to make time early in the morning when everyone else is asleep. Running with a flash light makes it a kind of an adventure. And on top of that I don’t have to worry about my clothes…it’s dark no one will care if my top matches my bottom. Congrats on getting it done before busy kicks in.

    • Haha…It so true that you don’t have to worry about your looks. I do like to have my workout over and done early in the morning. Unfortunately I can’t commit to it as my husband travels a lot and the kids are too small to be left home alone.

  3. I admire the people who get up early to work out as well. I went to 6am spin class for about a month and couldn’t do it anymore. I’m happy working out at 4pm 🙂 I hope your able to continue your early morning fitness routine.

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