Weigh in Wednesday 1/23/13

Today I am going to be much better than yesterday when it comes to my diet. There is no fun starving yourself as well as the only thing you will end up doing is to cheat yourself. Even if you eat smaller portions you should eat every 3 hours so you body gets the energy it needs and also so it doesn’t start breaking down muscle tissue.

I have started to notice some differences in my body since I started mainly in my face, around my collarbones and the upper ribs.

Since I started I am down 3.3 kg or 7.4 lbs.

Today’s measurement

Weight: 57.6 kg  127 lbs.

Thigh: 55.5cm,  21.8”

Hip: 95 cm, 37.4”

Waist: 69 cm, 27.1”

Belly: 79 cm, 31.1”

Upper arm: 26cm, 10.2”


Keep in mind I am doing this with a measurement tape and trying to measure the same places every week. I am weighing myself at the warehouse on the same scale every time so that should be accurate.

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