Another arm day!


Wow, today was a tough day at the warehouse! I started off with 30-minute walk, increasing the incline every minute till I hit maximum for the last 15 min with a speed at 3.2 (don’t know what it is in metric, but an ok walking pace). The arm days are often not as intense as the leg days and that makes a longer walk great for fat burning and you wont be exhausted before you even start your real workout.

I don’t think John’s intention was that we were suppose to be as sore as we all were from Monday’s workout, but that didn’t stop him making us work our arse off. We started with three sets of 20 squats with a medicine ball with a press overhead followed by 30 wood chops and to be finished off with 50 Russian twists.


With less than a minute rest he had us moving into the next circuit. All the movements were done 15 times three times through.  I absolutely hate the pull ups (nothing against the diaper) and I know the only reason for it is because I suck at them. I have decided that the things I hate I have to work twice as hard at and hopefully they will become fun. I will try it later in the laundry room, but I have a feeling it will not have the same effect!


Then it was the shoulders turn to get the beating. I used 25 lbs. kettle bells and it was heavy so I had to push with my legs otherwise I could not get it up.


When was the last time you jumped rope? We do it quite often and this is when I shine being a former gymnast. John set up intervals between the rowing machine and the jump rope for two minutes at each exercise and I’m telling you jumping rope is not a stroll in the park…

jumping rope

6 thoughts on “Another arm day!

    • Agree…we always do jump rope as part of an interval session. Either mixed with bike, rowing machine or even running laps out side or with low intensity i.e between working core.

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