Monday Beef fajita

monday fajita

1kg/1lbs. Beef


2 garlic cloves

1 limejuice

2 tablespoon olive oil

1 tablespoon chilli  (more if you want to)

1 tablespoon cumin

Salt and Pepper


1 egg

1 egg white



Salt and pepper


1 avocado

2 tomatoes

1/3 red onion

½ limejuice

1 garlic clove

Chopped cilantro

Salt and pepper

Red and Green bell pepper to be roasted in the oven till they are warm but still has a texture to them.

Mix everything for the marinade and let it sit in the marinade for an hour (if you don’t have time let it sit for as long you can wait). Meanwhile mash the avocado, chop the tomato, onion, garlic and cilantro mix together. Add limejuice and salt and pepper and store it the fridge.

Fry the meat, not too much at the time because it will start to boil and you will not have the tasty browning. Just before the meat is ready mix together everything for the fajita and fry it like an old fashion omelets 🙂

I served this with spinach, cucumber, tomato and bell pepper. The rest of the family had traditionally tortilla bread with corn, sour cream, taco sauce and cheese.


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