I don’t do breaks!!

So I have decided it is not the spinning dude that is the problem it is the songs he put in the speakers! Out of the entire hour I recognized two songs and I tell you, I am not a teenager anymore, I am 34 years old and have trying to keep up with whatever songs that’s been playing on the radio. Maybe it is because I’m foreigner; hmm I don’t know, going to have to ask the ”wife” 😉 .

But the class was definitely better this time around. He was telling us when to dial it up, when to do sprints and so on which was also needed because the songs did not make any sense. My other issue was that he kept putting on this weird songs for his so-called “brakes” that made me feel like I was back in junior high doing a slow dance at the monthly school dance, how are you suppose to spin to that?! I did my best and kept my heartbeat going for the hour and I came out on the other side with not a great workout but an ok one. But I’m seriously thinking about doing something else on Tuesdays or he needs to update the music.

After the spinning class me and Laura went upstairs to catch up on the treadmill and check this out, she got herself a pair of her own “Blue danger” so you better watch out for that blue light that will be pass you by when you’re out on the tracks, it’s either me or Laura  you just have to figure out which one 😉

blue danger2

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