Fifty shades of Ouch…

I don’t know if I am sorer in my arms from yesterday work out or around my ankles from the skates, just looking at them I could have taken part from 50 shades of Grey!! But I have promised the kids we will be out there again tonight if they finish all their homework on time but I am in so much pain that I might just hide their homework. I am also going to Lowes today to get floodlights; it makes it a bit easier to see and not bumping into each other that way.

I was hoping that I could take a run outside but it is a little bit on the nippy side this morning as the thermometer shows -18C / -2F so I am meeting up with Laura for spinning instead and then we are taking a walk on the treadmill. I have not seen her in ages (at least so we can talk) so it will be nice catching up with the “wife” 😉 Let’s see if the instructor is as uninspiring as he was the last time I went…if he is I’ll have to do something else on Tuesday, which is a shame as I was getting into the spinning mood.

Now I am going to finish my porridge and my eggs, mix my energy drink . So bring on the day, I am ready…


2 thoughts on “Fifty shades of Ouch…

  1. I am not too far from you. When I woke up this morning I have to agree with you, it is too nippy to run outside. Once I get going it isn’t too bad but, it’s those first few minutes that I cry about.

    • Good for you!I walked to the gym today with my very big coat and ended up running the last bit because it is so brutal out there!!
      I’m going to try for a run on thursday before the snow gets here and it also looks like it’s going to be a little bit milder.

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