Crazy Tuesday and a Low-Carb Diet

Tuesday is definitely the busiest day of the week and I will admit that I have not been eating well toady. On the positive note (at least for me) is when you eat a strict low-carb diet you tend not get hungry in the same way as you do when you are eating a lot of carbs and you are not craving anything sweet either! I have read somewhere it has to do with your blood sugar, which is no longer peaking as it used to do as when you were loaded up on carbs. Also it’s not coming crashing down as soon as your body has taken care of the “sugar impact” that is then followed by new hunger feelings or cravings.

I’m suppose to eat five times a day; Breakfast, snack (protein drink), lunch, snack again which is protein in some kind of shape or form and then I finish off with dinner. Today I had breakfast, lunch and dinner and I realize I had not eaten enough when I got that terrible headache, the very same as you get in the beginning when you are detoxing from the carbs. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I will have more time to do what I am supposed to or maybe just be better at planing my day 🙂

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