Glorious Monday


Another Glorious Monday as past and it started at 5.50 getting Knut ready for Monday morning practice.  At nine I had my appointment at Lifetime to measure my body fat and I was not allowed to eat prior to the test, which was done by standing on a scale and then holding on to the handles of the machine. I was almost shaking from hunger at this point and the only thing I could think of was my three hard-boiled eggs I had waiting for me at home. When the quick test was over my consultant says to me you have 35% body fat and then he looks me up and down and goes “Hmm, that can’t be right!” So he brings out the old fashion fat measurement tools and start pinching me in my thigh, my tummy and my upper arm. After putting all the figures into the computer it turns out my body fat is at 21.8% and the only thing I can think to myself is that the truth must be somewhere in between because he never pinched me in my behind ;)… I am doing it again in a month but don’t think I will bother with the fancy machine.


I actually had planed to take the kids with me to the “warehouse” as they had the day off from school but I wasn’t so organized this morning, so when it was time to leave they were far from ready. Good thing Freddie works from home and that they are big enough to look after them self while he is working. Well at the gym John had planned out a fun and inspiring total body workout with a bit more focus on upper body (I can already feel that my shoulders will be in pain tomorrow :). We started out working our core and to be honest that is something that you can never do too much of. One of my goals is to have a 4-pack by the summer but if it only comes by 6-pack I will take that as well 😉



The rest of the afternoon the ice was filled with kid. Knut and the boys had so much fun just fooling around but that did not mean it was a quite afternoon for me. When the scrimmage was over me, Knut and Mira went outside just for a skate. Once again I had so much fun so I didn’t go inside until Knut actually told me to do so because he was starving.

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