Disney on Ice…hmmm


I started out this Sunday making cinnamon rolls and no, they were not low-carb, low-fat or for me!! They are for tomorrows scrimmage in our back yard but it didn’t go so well. I totally destroyed the first batch, too much sugar, too much flour and the dough didn’t want to rise.  I ended up spending my entire morning in the kitchen. Well, pretty much until Laura came over with her boys for some ice-skating after lunch, mine never came in for theirs so they ate on the ice.


Laura and me finally got our skates on and wow we had some fun. Around 2.30 Laura was going for a run at Life Time Fitness and we had to take Knut to practice. I had borrowed skates from a friend that was a bit too small so I decided to go to Wilmette Bike shop to get my own.


When we got back home we had a new bunch of friends on the ice. I put on my new skates and skated with the kids for a good hour and a half. We were playing tag and once again my “rest’ day turned into a full on cardio/leg day and at the end I was drenched. It had been a great Sunday and when we came inside we lit a fire and had a well deserved dinner.

skatei top

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