With the sunny side up!


Ever since this morning started I’ve been on the go. I mentioned the other day I was going to measure my body fat at the gym. So I sat my alarm at 7am and thought I would make it before I had to go to do the “lottery” at Mira’s tennis club, witch is by the way a stupid and ancient system on how to register to get into a tennis class, and on top of it at 8am on a Saturday morning!! I couldn’t do the measurement so I made an appointment for Monday instead and ever since this day has just flown by. After registration I sat down and planned what we were going to eat for the rest of the week and all of a sudden it was past lunchtime. Running out of time I whisked a protein drink together and fried an egg with the sunny side up…not delicious, not fun but very effective and off I was to the store to get the groceries.


I got home three hours later and had to rush Knut to his practice, still with the groceries in the trunk and when I finally finished putting everything away when I got home I was totally exhausted. Freddie took the kids for some ice-skating and a pizza party with the team so they were out of my hair. My plan today, on my rest day was to take a long and relaxing walk, yeah right! I only had half an hour to spare till I had to start preparing dinner for the evenings guests so I did a 5 km run. I did not meet a single soul out in the forest preserve, the only ones who was keeping me company was two deer that was running with me in the sunset…or more like away from me. It was a very energizing run and when I got home I put the roast in the oven that actually turned out to be quite exquisite…ask my guests 😉


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