Yesterday I went over to a one of the moms in Knuts hockey team and was trying to be creative and preparing a poster for his next weekends hockey tournament. Anyone who knows me knows that arts and crafts is not my strength, I’m good at other things! I was the first one to ring the doorbell and straight away I was offered a glass of champagne that I politely declined explaining my challenge of 2013.  About 10 minutes later the other ladies started to drop in bringing bottle after bottle of wine. We were chatting away and one of the girls, who are a wine distributor, brings out a beautiful bottle of French rose and offers everyone to have a taste. Once again I politely decline the tempting offer and straight away the spotlight is on me…”Oooh right, you are on the wagon” **blink, blink ** and all of a sudden the a conversation starts about having babies and age.


I was laughing away and saying “No, I’m not pregnant “…but maybe pregnancy might be the best excuse ever for sticking to my diet without having to explain myself every time I decide not to drink 🙂

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