Temptations and an easy dinner…


Friday night is here and all the moms from Knut team are going to prepare for the Hockey tournament at the Dells next weekend. In the email that was sent out from the hostess she mentioned that a lot of champagne will be served and that we be better off cabbing it home. I LOVE champagne not to mention all the hors d’oeuvre that everyone is bringing. I could really die for some cheese and good wine!

But here I am now; sticking to my commitment so while Freddie and the kids are having takeout and a cozy night at home with a movie I have prepared myself making sure I’m not hungry going over there. I quickly pulled out some meat in a zip lock bag from the freezer and defrosted it (it’s easy if it is already chopped, it does not get those yucky edges because it is easy to pull apart). I threw in some garlic powder, salt, pepper, olive oil, soy sauce (always gluten-free), chili flakes and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette mixed it together and fried it. With half an avocado and a couple of cherry tomatoes, and olives dinner was ready in less than 5 minutes and I am ready to go and fight my temptations!

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