I have great friends…

We are a few Swedes that lives here on the North Shore and non of us have family nearby and for some reason the US calendar don’t recognize all our Swedish holidays and traditions!! so we try to do our best to show our kids how it is done in Sweden. Anyhow it’s been a long time since we all got together so Annika invited us all over for lunch this afternoon. I was a bit nervous and when I met her outside school yesterday I told her I might eat at home (just so she would not have to make extra food) because I’m so strict with my diet at the moment. Then my great and awesome friend tells me that she already thought of me and that she was making warm-smoked salmon with a roasted cauliflower salad!!! I have to say thank you to all my patient friends that always has and still putting up with me and my “crazy” ideas 🙂

tjejerna lunch

Thank you Annika, Anna, Asa and Elise for a great lunch and fantastic company!

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