6.45 am

Today the kids has only half day in school which means that my kindergarten who is normally doing 2 ½ hour a day is only going for an hour and 20 minutes, what’s the point?!! This is not too troubling for me because John is often very kind and let me come and see him on a different time, this morning at 6.45am. I find it refreshing to work out with different people just because it gives a different dynamic to your work out (I will admit, I don’t like working out with people who talk too much since they are slowing everything down). Today I had the pleasure to workout with two lovely ladies that was pushing for it as we were working abs and legs.

heidi and may

We kicked it off on time at 6.45 with launches, wall-sits and sprints…Good morning to you too!! As we moved on to our abs-workout we started with 20 leg raises, 20 crunches, 20 slow-climbers and 20 leg raises from a plank position and I have to say those the slow climbers look very silly but they are underestimated. At the end doing all this 4 exercises my abs where burning. We mixed the day up between legs, abs, and a bit of cardio on the rowing machine, bikes, squat-jumps, speed skaters and the dreaded jumping-launches. I always tell my children; “Things you don’t like to do or you are not good at are those that needs the most practice because as soon you’re getting good at them they become fun!”.



Now it is time to get ready to pick up Mira from school…

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