This is why I pay him…

This morning just when I was about the get ready to go the “wear house” gym Freddie told me he needed the car so he could to run some errands downtown. I was assessing the situation and I knew I could not take the bike because I would not make it back on time to pick Mira up from school. I quickly rang Mrs Tanya Brown who fortunately was just around the corner from my house. She is always in early which suits me just fine, so she gave me a ride and we had a good 15-2o minutes to warm up.

Malin pushupteam circuitteam circuitcoreComing into this day I knew it was upper body and I was a bit disappointed that my triceps (or anything else) was not sorer from Monday. And I knew I really had to work super hard just to make sure I won’t be in the same situation tomorrow. The tempo was high from the start and John did not give us a lot of rest between exercises. He normally build them up into circuits with 3 to 4 different movements with a 30 second break till we have finished 3 executive sets but today he had us working constantly with no breaks till we were done. At the end of our second circuit I was doing 20 shoulder pushed and they were killing me. I asked John if I be better off going down in weight to finish them off as I thought I would not make it. The answer I got was “No! You do not have an option you’ll finish the 20 reps using the weight your started on, that’s why you pay me!”

When you think you are done and can’t lift anymore you need someone to drag that little bit extra out of you. That’s why I pay him!

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