Make yourself accountable not to fail!

I think anyone who said they have never been on a diet and somehow failed is stretching the truth… that being said I do think a lot of people has great success stories as well. How many times have I not said to myself “I will start Monday morning”. Everything is going well and I am all excited about how “little” or how great I’ve been eating when Monday night hits and I am starving and craving for that chocolate not to mention the Swedish candy we store in the kitchen and think to myself; “One won’t hurt, I’ve done great today!”.

This time around I have really made a commitment. I’m telling all my friends what I am up to and I am so far getting great support, which also makes me stick to what I do. I don’t really weigh myself, I tend to go on the feeling of my clothes and the feeling I get looking at myself in the mirror, which is what’s important. In order to document my progress I have been on the scale and since I officially started this challenge I’ve lost a bit over a 3 lb. or about 1.5 kg. Last Friday I took pictures of how my body looks like and measured myself but it takes a bit of courage to post them, but they are coming…

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