Let me introduce you to my team…

Last night I had a real bad sleep, don’t know if I drank coffee to late or if the 40 minutes at the gym made me buzz because I was still wide awake at 2 am and it started to stress me out as Knut had to be on the ice at 6.50 this morning. Anyhow, the morning came and I jumped out of bed with a smile on my face knowing it was the beginning of the week 🙂

One thing I really like in the morning is to get into the gym 10-15 minutes early before class, It gives me a chance to warm up and to catch up with my good friends with some old-fashioned gossip before this guy turns up and starts breathing down our necks.

Jonathan Domoleczny

Today we were working “total body” and started out with 4 core exercises that we repeated 3 times. After we were done we had two minutes on the rowing machines followed by 2 minutes on the bike to crank up our pulse and yes it worked! We moved onto the legs and arms using dumbbells and finally I got to use my goofy gloves that I bought yesterday at mall. The arms really had to work and the pulse dropped again but not for long as John had us back on the rowing/bikes again for intervals. The hour really flew by as it does when you either have fun or you if you have to keep up with the gals. I don’t normally get too sore on the “total body days” because you don’t work the same part of the body for the entire hour but don’t mark my word on it, the triceps might have gotten a good beating 😉

crew malin on bike weight

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