If it didn’t hurt you didn’t work out hard enough

Yesterday when I woke up my legs were in an insane pain from Fridays workout, but as I always say “If it didn’t hurt you didn’t workout hard enough”. So I decided that it had to be a recovery day, which worked out well because Knut had his first indoor soccer game of the season at 9.15am out in Des Plains. After the game we swung by IKEA where we emptied out the Swedish Food Market, unfortunately for me I could only indulge with my eyes. So when we got home the kids where already happily full of hotdogs and cinnamon rolls so I had to come up with a lunch that would help me to fill up my daily intake of protein.

Shopping at costco

This is a lot of meat!!!

I’ve decided to prepare zip lock bag with 300g of meat to put in the freezer easily so I can grab one when needed.  Anyhow I started to make a Beef Fajita frying up my 300 grams of Beef Brisket that I seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin, paprika and garlic. Meanwhile this was cooking I whisked together 1 egg, 1 egg white with some salt and pepper and made an omelette and guacamole to go with. I ate half of the meat and guacamole and saved the other half to eat as a “snack”


After lunch it was time for our second game of the day, Wilmette Braves vs. Glenview and the Braves brought it home 5-3. Knowing that the afternoon was coming to an end I walked home from the ice rink before meeting up with the Browns at Pinstripes for dinner. I’ve been a bit nervous about going to a restaurant, especially a restaurant that serves mainly pizza, sandwiches or pasta but it went well I ordered in grilled Chicken with Brussels sprouts with a few adjustments so between the chicken, beef and eggs I believe I reached my protein intake of the day.

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