When I was young

When I was young or younger my biggest interest was gymnastics, I practiced five to six times a week and on the days we were supposed to rest I would either be out on our lawn or in our basement still trying to improve a move or stretching. When I turned 19 our team took some tough beatings and I totally lost interest in competing and as the competitive person I am I had no longer any reason to keep on doing the sport I loved.

Malin jumpa

Sometime 1997-1998

So for the next 10 years I become a slouch not moving much and my once toned body became fluffy and got even fluffier after our first child. I will never forget what the midwife told to me after gaining 60-odd pounds or so and refusing to stand on the scale the last few weeks before giving birth because it was to depressing “Once the child is born the extra pounds will fall off in a heartbeat”. Yeah right, I still had to wear my maternity clothes for the next month or two. After six months of eating salads and taking long walks with my lovely son I was almost back to myself that is to say, my old fluffy self. When I got pregnant again I promised myself not to gain as much weight and I was working out on our elliptical three times a week up till two weeks before my daughter was born and yes instead of 60 pounds I gained around 25 pounds. After that I was working out on and off in the gym but I guess if you are not committed you will not see any results either. In 2008 my husband had an offer to be relocated to Chicago and we packed up our stuff up and crossed the Atlantic for a new adventure. Arriving in the burbs and being an expat I was not allowed to work so I was looking after our children (I still am) and started to go to the gym more frequently.

malin fluff

New years eve 2004

In 2010 I met one of my dearest friends Laura who introduced me to “boot camp” at our local gym, and thinking I was fitter than I actually was it almost killed me. It was so bloody hard that every time I got in the car my pulse started to race and my heart monitor was showing an increase of 20-30 heartbeats per minute when I finally made it to the gym. A year later I was still at it and our trainer Jonathan Domoleczny moved to another gym and we with him. I definitely can see results in my body, as I am stronger, got better cardio and is more toned. But after the indulgence these past holiday it is time to get back on the horse and take my workouts to a new level. I believe everyone has a goal with what they do and why they do things. My goal is to change my body and to do so I have to change my diet and keep on challenging myself at the gym. This being said I know this will be easier said than done. I have been eating a low-carb diet for a long time and I believe the only way to be successful at a diet is to make it as delicious as possible as well as fairly simple to make in order to keep up with my kids busy schedule.  So in order to help reach my goal I will document all the steps on the way and also keep a “recipe bank” so it will be easy to find recipes that works and taste great….Let’s begin…

Malin cancun

Cancun november 2012

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